Friday, July 30, 2010

Buat C-Penyebok!!!! a girl name. ?*%*$ which i refer to call her penyebok!!!!
she is damn annoying...
even if you try to ignore her.
but then she will like *everytime* annoy you!
don't you think that is irratatiing??
oh please
this penyebok..
stop anoying me.
can't you please not talk or ever mention MY NAME
behind of me?
complaining that i got more than you?
look at yourself...
i DESERVE get mooore than you!
one more thing..
can i LAUGH now??
that shit that you JEER about me b4,,
oh ya..what i wanna say is,
now it happen to you..
see... oh so shame on you penyebok!
look at you... miserable...


fix yourself!

before you wanna shoot others!

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