Monday, January 3, 2011

uthm :)

been long time didnt update my blog.
busy till today baru menyempat nak tulis blog.
i am at UTHM rite now
the situasi sangat bebeza.
from fod to ppl around me
but so far
im okay here.
room. toilet.
good :)
million thanks to family who support me
until dapat masok here.
my bestfriends.
ayah, yb , kak mas jb...
thanks so much.
i will do my very best here
i wont let you all down
especially my parent...
i will make you both proud of me..

today i attend 3 class
titas(tamadun islam n tmdn asia)
math 1
so far the lect is ok
my classmate pun ok.
mudahan segala urusan akan d lancarkan.

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