Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Happy 12nd anniversary"

01 03 2012 genap la 12 tahun my relationship with her.
she's my bestfriend for like forever.
its been aloooong time ago knowing her....
she know everything about me.
she is very kind,caring loving person.
she care of me.
she is like my family.. she is yes already my family now!
macam-macam di lalui sama.. pahit suka duka... redah sama..
whenever i need her. she always be there
i hope and i pray all the very best for her...
semoga panjang umur serta murah rezeki...
persahabatan ini takkan putus sampai bila2 pun...
i love her very much!!
hugs n kisses.
for special person Siti Khairunnisa Binti Mohamad.
i want to say million thanks to you and i want you to know
sangat bersyukur Allah kurniakan a very nice person like you to me,

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