Monday, November 19, 2012


asalamualaikum. well hello dear reader(s)... heee wanna share something. just got news from family ... my dad kena tahan kat hospital. due to something was wrong with his paru2 sebelah kanan.. i am so super worried. :( i cry when ever daddy call or text,, i cant deal with this. i cant hear daddy sick or anybody in my family.... and i am super allergic with hospital.. i imagine hospital is haunted 4 me... ahhhhh :( i really need to go back limbang but sure mom wont let me. dah la my sister fila will going to mukah this early dec.. hmmm... poor daddy :( oh luckily mom no longer work at office. so she can look after daddy...Dear Allah. please mudahan segalanya berjalan dengan lancar.. ameen...:) alhamdulillah i have pple who love me and supportive around me... keep supporting me no mater what, :) now i have a big problem with my budget, need to handle this very wisely because i cant just like minta to mom lam keadaan like this. poor them :( ahhh now i regret the money i spen on useless thang, man if only i can turn back time. oh wait,,, nooooo ... there are no regret... just let it be,, every problem will come up with solution right :) nevermind. anyway...hoping everything will going to be okay soon! and addition my test 2. sooo semua la exam nak muncul jua.. haishh... i hope i can face it this time.. since i am so down for my result environmental test 1. urghhhhh i can do better!!!! but i cant make it that time. :( so have to do this CQI thang.... life... life lfeeeeee getting harder ... :\ ok. will update soonn XOXO

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