Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jodoh itu rahsia Allah.

Salam.. sesungguhnya aku lelah dengan kesakitan ini.. :( sampai satu tahap idont know what its like being in love. everything so bulrie... apa ya salah disini? is that me? or ? semuanya rasa macam da xbetul.. i dont know what i feel.. when ever i think about his, i am so blur. because i cant see anything .. sedih gila knapa it turns like this? i know i cant make ppl as i want them to be. so i try to face the fact. but it far from my needed... am i too demand? i dont think so... every girls have their dreams right? what they want, what they need in future... so.. aku x terkecuali .. mungkin this is pengajaran kan. don't ever tell what you want to someone. because in the end they act like trying to be who u want them to be melain jadi diri sendiri .. lagi sakit kemudian hari... bila they can't be like who you want them to be. its like you controlling them. :( i hate that feeling. 1st ya la everything going as you dream. but then? what will happen? i never regret who i met before . every each of them give me an experience in life. make me more stronger. i know im easy to fall but is that because im easy to broken too?? damn its hurt. i try not to think about this and try to accpet the fact. but i cant.... :( its hurt... and i always say to myself maybe its time to let go and move on.but its hard... sigh... i feel like you dont care anymore. and selfish! what should i do? berserah ,tawakal... Allah tahu segalanya.. all i been tru.....pasti semuanya ada hikmah.... there must be beautiful rainbow after heavy rain kan? :) so i trust in Allah plan... jodoh semuanya rahsia-Nya. i didnt stop pray for you. but i just pray for Allah to send me someone who really deserve me, who will took care of me for the rest of life... someone who make a promise to my dad to love me unconditionally.someone who never blame me and make me always feel good in no m8r situation even its my fault. someone who guide me... XOXO

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