Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Light up Light up

Salam , well hello :) so. Yeah its officially 3 years my life as UTHM Degree in Civil Engineering student. my goodness how time flies.. one of the best things beside learning and studying is meeting more friends. I met a lot of new people and mcam2 ragam...hahaha.. well, Gonna miss them after this. masing2 da bawa haluan masing2... hoping praying pas ni dapat kerja and berjaya with our own goals in life. Ameen :')

25 years old huh? eee.. dulu i always thought that 25 is OLD! ahahha. but now. nayyy.. its just a number (padahal mmg terasa da tua) hahaha :p many goals to achived. 1st is ya finding job! my GOD i am so NERVOUS!! i mean ya.. like seriously.. praying that I can get the job i mean yeah then you earn money like every month right then theres something you wait for end of month.. we pay the bills, share it with our parent make them happy, treat sisters and shopping and vacation and moreeee.. weee ive lots on my mind!! I mean don't you want to be like when a Lil girl saw you and said "One day I wanna be like her" you know like being a mature woman, rich and healthy and pretty,soft and hot and kind and loving hahahahh.. it's like you hold the world in your hand.. you can do everything. We are powerful woman, Independent and SMART! Im working on that. Worth it guys like you will never regret it. This is for ourself. :) ok letaaa! XO

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