Friday, May 27, 2016


Its been long time i didn't write anything here.
Terlalu banyak nak di ceritakan.. hehehe!!
Lets start with this...
I don;t want to think about it, but the thing end up with become reality. Have you ever imagine that the things you don't want to be happen in your life become reality and haunt you???

Simple word but it can hurt you enough to haunt you with thousand of mix feeling.
Why bother if you happy?
Why bother if you curious?
never enough?

You need time to forgive... you need time to think. So, i'm having this habit that I can forgive easily.. Doesn't mean that you can take that for granted right? Think wisely...we running out of time.

Whats the point being in the team when you want to make a decision alone? When you want to run the task alone? When you didn't communicate? I thought in team work we need more communication, more understanding and collaboration. 

Tell next time.


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