Monday, April 19, 2010

here i am and im not afraid!!!

If you wanna know why im using black?

yes, because something im going to write is about HATE!!!

i HATE the one "lovely-dovey" frame that appear rite under my nose!!

OH GOD help me coolin' down myself

so i wont goin crazy!

the smile killing me..

the eyes of mine....



seriously, girl..

i don't mean to hate you, but what just you did like "competition" between of us make me hate you very much...
oh don't you worry girl, i only can mad at you in this blog, because in real life i can't do so...because some reason that i don't know what the answer is.. so you can carry on hurting me by wat you do..puas????

at last, my dear.
im sorry.
i must rite it,
because i feel better now.

--im your haters girl--

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