Saturday, April 17, 2010

keep holding on...

"keep holding on"
ok.,this is for myself.
besabarnya aku ada batasnya..
this song really make me calm..
lyrics are so cool..
i know there someone still here for me ..
listen to what i said.
bukan mengadu but.. someone who don;t care who actually i am
what true colour of mine..
i know there someone still stand by my side no metter what,.
yea.,,i keep holding on..=)
thanks for being here for me.
for all my condition.
you never feel like menyusahkan stuff..
and i dont want to lose you.
with you by side.
i fite n defend....
thanks for,
someone who listen to me when everybody is not hear-ing my words..
always hear what i said..what i feel..
giving me strengh when im down..
giving me hope when i feel like my worlds end..
giving me laugh when im in sorrow..
someone who will never hurt my feelings,,
i know theres someone will understand...


keep holding on syakhira...

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