Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stop doing this.

again. you do this.
let me x-press my anger as my way.
did i mengkhianati u???
did i??

u always think that i cant go away from the ex!
how come you said that way??
i am f***ing get over THEM EX!!!!
like over yers ago!!!!

oh this is too much.
in the same way you like someone else than me.
its hurting me.
im hurt again!!!!
u b8r think again.
what cause we fite ??
what is thta?
did u notice that??

thats it.
if you want this to be like OVER.
i will accept it
because i cant handle this love alone without you!
the one is u
did u know that?
maybe you nak cari other girls.
be my guest

im tired dear lover.
all this time im sick of this tuduhan.
im sorry im hurt need time to be cure.

-sad sad syakhira---

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