Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shocking Morning!!

ok my morning was starting with peaceful.
but then suddenly just because a small issue
i was shoot by a bullet full with accusation!
seriously its not fair!
so i took this decision to not fite about this.
i am so tired of all this.
i am innocent!
i dont know what to do.
i left you to give u a chance to think ogf all this baby!
remember i never wanted my ex back!
ku tetap kau yang punya!
just please get over my ex..
i have nothing to do with them!
u told me just now that u wont trust me?
oh its killing me.
how we go tru our relation without trust?
do u have an idea how i gone tru about this?
i trust you but you?
i am sure u will sick if i didnt trust u more over.
but what did i do baby?
i put my trust n u!


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