Friday, April 2, 2010

those people...

i am so frusted with those ppl around me..

ketika sya dalam kesedihan..ada ke those ppl asking im ok?
nope..not even once..
sya terasa macam sya not close with you..
at least asking..
that all..
i didnt ask for more..
like show that you care..
but i learn something from those ppl...
thank yo so much..
keciknya hati sya...

those ppl...
please...why ppl always forget wat the good things that we made to them??
oh don't act like i always do a bad things to you my dear ppl,,,
i dont care if you not helping me..
but at least give me a support,.
chear me up when im sad..
thats it..

sya sangat sedih dan berkecil hati..
hope someday they'll understand...



  1. r u ok?? em dun be sad deng..chill k! be strong..Ni la khidupan namanya..Jgn sedih2 g k..;)