Thursday, January 20, 2011

i am so happy

been long time
didnt wrote my words`
i will write about my life at UTHM
i dah tak sesat lagi
dah boleh selesakan sikit2 ngan environment here.
my fren from ayu...
baru juak mendaftar here..
sangat bestttt...
jadik ramai miak sawak sitok!

i miss my FAMILY
i miss sarawak!
i will start to cry if i think of my parent
i miss them sangatttttttttttttt

love life?
i am so happy with my partner.
i am so sorry about what i just wrote before.
i just read that
i wrote too many hurt than be happy .
in fact
i am sooo happy.
i have my partner.
i love to be love by dia :)

so far alhamdulillah..segalanya bejalan ngan lancar.
tomorrow 21 until 23 jan
i and my bestfriend with 38 others UTHM student will attend kem
at kem indah ulu tiram johor.
1stly yes i really dont wanna go
but since they will bagi tindakan to student who *ingkar* so
i kena pergi... oh my...
hope ok la later!

oh ya. .
i msg with my old friend.
feel so good now.
i hope what happen past
is just like yesterday...
make a new start.

till then love

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