Tuesday, January 4, 2011

today school okay.
still sesat.
i was like alice and wonderland tau.
but far i like uthm.
i got very nice p.a
Dr Angzzas.
today i learn mandarin language with mr. LLim
Hao... means good thing.
good morning = zou an.
good afternoon= Xiàwǔ hǎo
good evening =shang hou
good night = Wan an
xiexie. means thanks you...
hihi... today we learn bout greeting best.
yang penting 1 Malaysia :)

Love life is still not okay.fuhh... i just baru dapat tahu yang my partner's ex call dia.
then i baru tahu today?
oh that is great rite?
?wdhsufhn usfyasfsgf niasgnciG
that is not cool!
i hate that!
what your perbualan?
apa yang you guys cakap?
i don't know.
i can see "selfish"
see. i didnt talk or be friends with any my exes like dia mau
but then if i want the same stuff to dia..
eyhhh... marah?????
cakap da rapat suma...
hanya kawan....
i can't get what i want laa?
err... sorry.
but this wat i feel....
idk why is she so important to my partner.

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