Friday, January 17, 2014


"Teruskanlah, teruskanlah kau begitu ".... One of my favorite song from Agnes Monica. Do you guys ever felt like that? i mean you there but they did'nt see you. like u are invisible ... ada macam xda.. urghh trust me its damn hurt.. i mean how can they be so heartless... like why do they come to our live at the first place? to hurt you? to ignore you?  Trust me, don't ever do this to other people!!  komunikasi ! that what you do.  but its doesnt work when theres only one person trying too fix it. Man... its take 2 to solve it kan?
Wait.. why am i so emotional??? hahahhahaha... anyway. its not like ada kaitan or else but, yeah.. life as we know it kan... things like this mmg banyak terjadi...  ok yea. i am scare. but when things over the line.. kita pun ada kesabaran, ada ego ada maruah.. ada perasaan malu kan? nay... biar la... TERUSKANlah Kau begitu~~~ 
wah.. again emo..
apaka.. SO, yeah.. B R O K E N.


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