Saturday, February 1, 2014


Salam.. hello millo everyone! well hah! bagai la ramai pembaca.. anyway.. i wrote this just to express my feeling rather that twitter.. nanti orang tgk menyampah... dekat blog sendiri xpa.. hehehhe... so! its exactly 3.29 am ! still can't sleep.. i dont know is it because of the LA coffee i drink earlier before my bed time or its because i did sleep this evening? sigh! the dangerous thing when u got this sakit insomnia. you will THINK MUCH!!!!!!!! dang! dah lah memang jenis pikir banyak.. sekarang tambah lagi dengan insomnia, menjadi2 la kan... haih!!! nasiblaahhh ada blog macam ni dapat juak luah perasaan yang sedang gundah gulana dan entah kenapa.... Anyway, actualy i lie! i do have something on my mind! i mean specifically! I keep it myself because im scare, and super scare! nahh... can u imagine how scare I am?? Let's pray for the best. hmmm.. It's not like I think in a negative way but. I think the negative first than the positive because I'm scared to have a failure feeling! heeeee..... urghhh... I can't handle this alone... So I drag my boyfriend. I told him. And yeah guys are always being guy, eh?"It's ok, Don't you have to be worried, Everything will be ok" blabla bla... So you see, my boyfriend always sees the positive stuff rather than negative. I don't know, his nature Kali. Ha-ha.. I mean every man doesn't think much as women can? so rasanya its ok what i feel now... heh. finally.. I really hope/wish things not going to be more complecated


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