Tuesday, February 25, 2014

When you get TOO ATTACHED!

Well hello,
today's talk is about what do you feel when you get too attached to someone. Let's say your girlfriend or boyfriend. So, let's start with.
1. HURT!
- Ok, this is the major feeling when you get TOO DAMN ATTACHED to someone. When you too close with them, you always want them to be near you, close to you, beside you, and the worst part is you want them to be what you want them to be. MY GOODNESS! When things turn to not like what you expected.. There you go!!!! DANGGGGG!!!! You will get HURT! Trust me, you will.. 
- There something in your head will haunt you. Like "OMG, did he/she will dump me?" "Am I wrong?" "I'm I gonna lose him/her??" "What I'm gonna do without him/her??" see... Do you understand now? This also what you are going through when you get too close with someone. You will scare to loose them. Yeah, like you know they always be there, but when things not going as you wish/thought, you will think A LOT!!!! I mean it! LIKE REALLY!!! So many questions, expectation (well, mostly the negative one) and many more! 
3. SAD
- So guys, when you do feel hurt and scare... Then you will be SAD! Enough said. I know you guys can imagine this. Heart broken and you can clearly hear it broken into pieces.. See... But the thing is, we don't know how to not get too attached to them.. I mean, yeah, we like them that very much. It's not our fault....sigh.. 

Things get complicated right?? But, my dear its all depend on us to handle stuff like this. We have to be mature and yeah, POSITIVE. Just remember, what's meant to be together, they're meant to be :) Insya-Allah..


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